100 day korean dating is gabriel aubry dating halle berry

Korean couples exhibit unified ways of expressing love, which can even be as naturally called as a ‘couple culture’.

Although formulaic in some ways, the following features of how Koreans date may enlighten couples on maintaining better relationships.

On Black Day, which is on April 14th, some singles eat , or noodles with black soybean sauce together and promise themselves next year, they would be able to find partners and celebrate White Day.

Koreans also like to use text messengers frequently, such as Kakao Talk or Between, in order to feel they are together when they are alone.

There are, however, some Korean couples who do not want to be bothered by messages- but they also at least send good morning and good night texts to one another.

Dates courses, couple rings, and matching items Korean couples usually visit cafes, watch movies, and take a walk together.

However, to break away from the boring, general style of dating, they prepare a ‘date course’ to make their dates much interesting and enjoyable.

Due to Korean couples’ tendency to visit places and make special memories, theme cafes such as cat and dog cafes are very popular.

Korean couples usually celebrate 100th, 200th to 300th, then 500th, and 1000th day.

Those days are celebrated by eating out at pleasant restaurants, having cake, exchanging love letters, flowers and presents.

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