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Our counselors believe that love comes in a wide variety of forms.

Couples can be either married or dating, straight or more info Counseling develops new ways of identifying, understanding, and coping with individual struggles.

The Oshkosh Counseling Wellness Center just completed a four week therapeutic art workshop entitled “Feeding the Soul”.

Each week the group members participated in creating small art pieces, the final night culminating with a dinner plate collage.

RSSY carries sand for concrete mix, mortar and children’s sandboxes, plus a variety of tools to get the job done right.

Call for our extended selections, availability, price quotes and delivery area.

In fact, millions of Americans experience the side effects of chronic anger in the form of illnesses, drug and alcohol addiction, headaches, domestic violence and depression just to name a few. Angry outbursts can prevent us more info The Oshkosh Counseling Wellness Center offers counseling for all couples interested in improving their relationships.

We have experience in helping a diverse range of couples from a variety of racial, ethnic, and spiritual backgrounds.

We are easily accessible just off Interstate 69 on Route 8 in Auburn, IN.

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