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All local results are unofficial and must be approved by the county canvassing board, which meets at a.m. Both changes apparently paid off, as only one polling place had any notable problems, according to voting machine technician Mike Watson. Bond has yet to announce support for Lewis* candidacy or make public his own political ambitions.

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we are members of the arc of new jersey and the arc of usa.building inclusive communities since 1953, community living peterborough is a non-profit organization that brings people living with an intellectual disability and their communities together.

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^ Pajcic squeezes past Smith Former FSU prez Marshall loses PROM STAFV AND WIRE ttsr ORTS Although Steve Pajcic narrd^I^ drf^at^ opponent Jim Smith in Tuesday's Democratic runoff for governor, l^itii went to bed refusing to concede. a former state House representa- tive from Jacksonville, garnered 51 percent of the votes for a total of 421,223. Bellamy's similar qualities promised the same success. Sure Bellamy teased Rudd at Tiger Bay and made one public comment about his ridiculous "errand boy" comment, but who harped on his opponent's alleged quitting and ignoring constituents' problems? .^^v^.^ 18 & OVER DRY NIGHT ONLY AT BASH RIPROCK3 EVERY TUESDAY STARTING TONIGHT NOW EVERYONE 18 AJ CAN DANCE AT Tliill«EE' NEWEST AND HOTTEST NKj HT SPOT WITH D. You must rhake reservations 24 hours In admet 1^ cstf t- ing 57M107. FL Florida Flambeau Tuesday, October 7, 1986 / 11 FSU's automatic man trying to ^hake slump BY DON WATZ IXAMBEAU STAFF WRITER It used to be automatic.

Even though he pledged last week that he would win in Leon County, Pajcic was soundly defeated locally by Tallahassee hometown favorite Smith." Smith took ^,057 vota to Pajcic's 14,612 in Leon County. LONDON-An Irish woman who unwittingly carried a suitcase time bomb allegedly supplied by her Arab boyfriend and set to explode on an Israeli jet broke down in court Tuesday and shouted at him, "You bastard, you... You're wicked." GENEVA-OPEC has set its sights on ra Uing oil pri^s by $4 or $6 a barrel by the end of this year, the cartel's president said Tuesday at CN^'s Mth Special conference of this year.

As of October 2017, Expedia no longer offers a price match guarantee.

Wu celebrates 100 th birthday (s i Hiiiiiii H mm mmm Florida Flambeau High near 90. "We've run the kind df campaign tiifet we can be proud erf, and we're^^ing to carry it through to victory in Novembw," Bi^c said. S -Soviet {ux^blems in addition to arms control with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at this weekend's summ^ in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. Johns Hotel bef(Mre a crowd of about 300 supporters. Drinlmments by the official Tass News agency followed Reagan's ^tes Mnt Monday that he plans to discuss hum Mi rights, Afghanistan and other U. Pajcic claimed victory earh in the evening, when he appeared at the Jacksonville Sheraton-St. 576-1207 Expert Floral Deslsn For All Occasloi M I *We make you feel good! (1/4 mile from Doak Campbell Stadium) 576-6469 nnaiigiiyi B MAXIE'S MAXIMUM j^l DRIVE IN HUNGRY, DRIVE OUT HAPPY Try Our Maxie Burger w/Everything, Skinny Fries and 16 oz. In other state rac^, Palm Btadi County school t^Miher Ron Howard plmked the' Republican nomination for commissioner of education from the grasp of former Florida State University President Stan Marshall, and former Highway Patrol chief Bob Butterworth picked up the Democratic nomination for attorney general. It was wrong, it was unfair, and it probably swayed a few people who would have voted differently with better information. However, casinos would add more crime, including loan sharking, racketeering, prostitution and money laundering, raise , FAMU students and persons under It. Jean Luc Godard's classic, Breathless, screens tonight at in FSU*8 Moore Auditorium. Joe Straub and Heidi Altman read tonight at 8 at the Alley, 210 S. The Museum of Florida Hisi«^r|^4|B|^ volunteers to help with loui^ cc^ections, Histoid Shops, clerical work and special events. His five misses include a 49-yarder against Michigan in a two- point lo K «nd a 36-yarder against Non('r Of \i\ SQUTHERn SUn Westwood Shopping Ctr. 224-2635 SONY AUTO SOUND SYSTEM LIST PRICE XR27R AM/FM DIGITAL 18 PRESETS A. CASSETTE X5311 5" FULL RANGE SPEAKERS INSTALLATION (MOST CARS) SALE9^'^ Valid only with coupon. 14-15 • 9 am - 4 pm Sponsored by UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Door Prizes Given Away • Grand Prize— IBM PC THE BLACK STUDENT a Nl ON presents "A COLLISION COURSE FOR A DIVIDED AMERICA" JULIAN BOND Georgia State Senator and host of TVs "America's Black Forum TONIGHT, pm RUBY DIAMOND AUDITORIUM Reception following, Longnnire Lounge Co-Sponsored by CPE SOUTHERN SUN PLANTS!! Wed tm ONLY ' :1btcl Mdingt plantc fclr*»ady marked SALE Westwood Shopping Ctr 5761207 Greenhouse en Premises We Specialize in Low-Light Indoor Plants & Trees Quantum and Other Quality Perms 48^^ Style Cute • Quality Styles for Men and Women • Walk-Ins Welcome Century 21 Haircutting 1505 Jackson Bluff Rd. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1986 SERVING TALLAHASSEE FOR 74 YEARS VOL. Attorney Greneral Smith followed closely with ^9,434 votes, or 49 percent. Bellamy's ads and literature focused on her own achievements and beliefs, not Rudd's shortcoming. It's a shame that Johnson chose to write such a misleading and mean-spirited piece on the eve of the election when nobody would have l^e time to respond. 29 student gov^mn^t news section, I was gald to see Resolution 45 showing the FSU student government's opposition to casino gambling in Fl(urida. Casinos can offer us nothing that we do not already enjoy; among which are a thriving family tourist industry (over 33 million last year), and a healthy growing economy. STUDENT RATE A DAY 2 DAY MINIMUM 100 miles FREE per day CALL NOW 576-4107 Large Cars Available at Slightly Higher Rates .j Kf rational Car Rental. After two years of record- breaking seasons at Florida State, placekicker Derek Schmidt's accuracy was being taken for granted. Lately, things have been going sour and the 5-foot-ll, 179-pound junior from Sarasota is being noticed. Schmidt is being singled out for his dismal statistics— just three field goals in eight attempts for a 37.5 percentage. •19M Lit Ue Ca^ En^rprtses, Inc 9.95 .95 . GET0NE£BEEi i EXPIRES 10/20/86 j Buy any size Original Round pizza at regutar price. J Price varies dspending t At the State Room-FSU Union (above Food Service) Oct. Want to meet single gay men in Collingwood, Ontario?

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