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All of my stories are Harry/Ginny and have some element of romance or friendship between the two of them.I will not pair either of them with anyone else except in brief relationships like Michael Corner or Dean Thomas or OCs.

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I don't really like reading stories with Harry and other characters or Ginny with others.

I like Hermione and Ron as Harry's best friends, but I am just not sure they are good together.

They are two very different girls with very different interests who after they start dating best friends and eventually marry best friends I can see becoming very close, but not from the second they meet. Whoever came up with the 'golden trio' didn't read the stories. During most of third year Hermione was too busy with classes and arguing with the other two.

Harry hates all nicknames so wouldn't endorse another one and during most of their school years weren't 'golden'. Ron's actions during the Goblet of Fire show that the 'trio' is not unbreakable and his actions in Half Blood Prince solidifies that idea.

She and Ginny certainly became friends and I'm sure shared a lot of confidences while sharing a room during the summers from the fourth book on, but I can't see that they were best friends.

When Ron and Lavender started snogging all over the castle, Hermione went to the library for comfort not Ginny.

I don't have an entire book that I don't like, but there are two spots in the Epilogue that I don't like.

I don't like the name Albus Severus for Harry and Ginny's second son.

I love Harry and Ginny, I think they make a great couple and think it was hinted at in the books since the first book.

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