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If the first number of your serial number is "1," your banjo was produced in 1989.If it is "2," your banjo was produced in 1990, and so on.Date: nick: sepoto Guitar brands, Alamo, Alembic, American Showster, Allen Guitars. alvarez serial numbers - The Acoustic Guitar Forum General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. How do i found out about my alvarez regent acoustic guitar.i need a website that i can type in the serial number of it or the model number. Find 134 questions and answers about Alvarez Guitar Serial Numbers at Read more. brochure and what I've pieced together from serial numbers) is.

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1989 saw the beginning of the Heisa era, which ended in 2000.

Alvarez began this series of serial numbers with 1 and ended with 12.

i have an alvarez 5014 that has a broken headstock that can be fixed.

Fender Stratocaster (serial number S913684) Alvarez Yairi - Acoustic guitar serial number dating Alvarez Yairi Acoustic Guitar serialization and serial number dating. | Cha Cha What is the serial number for an Alvarez guitar? According to Alvarez serial numbers the guitar would be built in either 1988 or 2001. Information on Alvarez guitar [Archive] - Harmony Central Forums I recently came into possession of an Alvarez 5220 acoustic, serial. If you can locate a serial number on the neck block.

From 1970 to 1988, the years of Showa and Alvarez began this sequence with 45 and ended it with 63.

For example, if the first two numbers read "45," your banjo was produced in 1970; if it is "46," the banjo was made in 1971, and so on.

I've found that alvarez guitars give you a quality for the price that you won't find with any other company.

The guy that showed me alot the things that i know about guitars had a yairi that was 20 years old and I picked up my first alvarez when i was about sixteen I've had it ever since and it is still my favorite guitar.

Hi, Is there a resource online where I can check the date my late father's Alvarez RD8 was manufactured? My father passed away about two and a half weeks ago. Yairi Luvr is an excellent source for Alvarez and Alvarez Yairi info.

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