American bases vs chinese bases dating

Each army consists of three to five infantry and mechanized divisions — China has only one tank division.

Last year we found out China has contingency plans to deal with a post-collapse North Korea.

That would likely involve the PLA moving into North Korea to set up a buffer zone.

China borders 14 countries, tying Russia for the most neighbors. Not only does it practice diplomacy through spontaneous violence, it has nukes.

But while many of Russia's neighbors are peaceful — Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Latvia come to mind — China borders Afghanistan, North Korea, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Nobody knows when — or if — the North Korean government will collapse, but the idea of 24 million starving people suddenly finding themselves without a government is a frightening one for Beijing.

Unique to the PLA is the Second Artillery Corps, a separate branch of the military in charge of land-based conventional and nuclear missiles.

The Second Artillery includes between 90,000 and 120,000 personnel divided into six missiles brigades.

After thousands of years of incursions and invasions, China has finally built up strong borders.

Beijing is doing a good job of maintaining peace and relative prosperity in a rough, impoverished neighborhood."Although disputes with Bhutan and India remain, China no longer faces the prospect of a significant threat on land," Fravel continued.

After decades of double-digit growth, today China is the world's second largest economy — and possesses an increasingly sophisticated military that's among the planet's most powerful.

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