American dating customs

American prisons have a disproportionate amount of men incarcerated for involvement in the sale and distribution of drugs: purchasing such items aggravates the problem and encourages more violent crimes like murder.

(Recently, the Obama Administration has increased attention to the trouble it causes over the border in Mexico: drug cartels often are intertwined with gang activities in the larger cities of both the U. and Mexico and many have already died violent deaths over smuggled drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.) In the long run, it really isn't worth it if it can cost another man his freedom or his life.

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For more modern situations, you may consult the Emily Post Institute, which will help clear up any confusion on how to best represent yourself in America.

Tipping: Restaurant and bar menus indicate prices without sales taxes (which varies by city/county) and tips (15 to 20%), so everything you will order on the menu will end up costing about 21% to 26% more.

The sales tax will always be included on the 'check' (bill); the tip is rarely included unless you are dining with a group of 6 or more people -- in this case, many establishments automatically add a tip or 'service charge' or 'gratuity' of between 15% and 20%.

Such practices are ordinarily mentioned on the menu.

Generally, dogs must be kept on a lead in public and cleaned up after in major cities.

They should also have a tag on their collar with your name, full home address, and phone number on them: it is a quick way to identify them if they are lost.A note that says "Thank you" along with the money makes it understood to be a tip rather than money left behind by mistake. American alcohol laws are a patchwork of rules that vary by state, county, and towns.In some places (primarily in the South), entire counties or towns may prohibit alcohol.They are generally not permitted in stores or on public transportation unless they are service animals (such as guide dogs or such), but smaller ones are allowed if they are kept in a pet carrier.Dogs are allowed in nearly all parks (including national parks) and many city parks in fact have special areas for them to run and play with other dogs in.- tips for valet each time you retrieve your car (none when you give it to the valet) are common.

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