Aoe 2 updating system settings

AT THIS TIME WE DO NOT KNOW IF OR WHEN BOLSTER STARTS TO DOWNSCALE YOUR GEAR TIER IN PVP WARZONES.ADDITIONALLY, IT MAY BE SOME TIME BEFORE THE EXACT DETAILS OF BOLSTER ARE WELL UNDERSTOOD.Relic of Focused Retribution – Healing an ally or performing a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance of grant X of your Mastery Stat for 6 seconds. Relic of Serendipitous Assault – Healing an ally or performing a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance of grant X Power for 6 seconds. Note: If you get two of the same relic name, their procs will not stack in combat.


That means if you get lv70 purple gear in your command crate the set bonus will stack with your old one. DO NOT REPLACE YOUR OLD SET BONUS ARMORINGS BECAUSE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SET BONUS.

Note: If you like to spend some time in a DPS spec any crates you are granted can just be opened later after you have changed your spec back to Medicine and you will get healing gear out of the crate.

The main thing you need to take from 5.0 is that you now have to level up to get gear.

Alacrity: Alacrity gives you a reduction in your GCD (your GCD is 1.5 seconds with 0 Alacrity Rating), reduction in activation time, and a reduction in channeling speed.

In order to understand how gear to properly, it’s important to understand what exactly Alacrity does, since it has several effects.

Set bonus should always take priority over item rating.

This means that if you have an old set bonus armoring, keep it until you get a better rated armoring THAT ALSO HAS THE SET BONUS.

You no longer will be able to buy your Pv P gear from a vendor.

Gear is now only gained every time you open a command crate (rewarded when you level up). If you do not like the items or they are not useful to you, you can disintegrate them into command experience to help get to the next level and next crate faster.

Once you feel comfortable that you have obtained enough of the gear for your command tier you can start min/maxing the mods/armorings.

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