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“The Tournament” will start with Ochocinco finding 85 women interested in dating him.Then, during the first of 10 episodes, Ochocinco will narrow the playing field down to 16 — four from each region of the country. “Ochocinco is one of the most electrifying individuals in sports today.

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So stop looking for super hot chemistry and butterflies when you first meet.

Ignore those men, and seek out the guys who want a relationship with someone they can relate to.

Scope selection: there love, but by closet case and most definitely the wrong reason is cheryl chad for dating is to find out about.

Dirty girls at married woman search online in uk looking for a chad cheryl dating hook up, he said.

The finale of The Ultimate Catch ended last night with Chad Ochocinco throwing us for a loop by actually picking one of the finalists, contrary to the rumors that he didn’t pick anyone. Ochocinco ended up being Rubi Pazmino, which came as no surprise considering she was his #1 pick from the start. I asked him once and he answered it and that’s enough.

The shocker however is the fact that Chad and Rubi are still together! Was your career as a singer ever a consideration for signing up for the show? Do we have the material and the hard work to make it to love? I think we definitely have the material to get there.

His bigger-than-life personality on- and off-the-field and his notorious skills as a social networker, connecting daily with his fans, makes him a perfect fit for VH1,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of VH1, in a statement.

“This show will not only give viewers a look inside his professional life, but also reveal his softer more romantic side when playing a very different kind of game.” Damn, we’re interested to see what type of broads this show will bring out of the woodwork!

Especially with this Ochcinco character, this show will most definitely be entertaining.

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