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However, if you need to display a more complicated table, such as a set of nested tables, then you must perform additional work.

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For example, when built against standards, a page that was designed to display a certain way in Microsoft Internet Explorer can appear the same way in other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Camino, and Safari, without requiring you to perform any additional work.

An additional benefit of Web standards is that they make your Web sites more easily accessible to persons with disabilities.

NET 2.0 Creating Accessible Images Creating Accessible Forms Creating Accessible Navigation Creating Accessible Data Creating Accessible XHTML Creating Accessible Scripts Validating Pages for Accessibility Accessing the Amazon Web Services The Default Page XHTML Features of the Default Page Accessibility Features of the Default Page The Search Page XHTML Features of the Search Page Accessibility Features of the Search Page The Master Page XHTML Features of the Master Page Accessibility Features of the Master Page Web standards enable you to build Web sites that are accessible to the broadest possible audience with the least amount of work.

The promise of Web standards is that you can design a page once and have the page appear and function in exactly the same way in any modern browser.

NET 2.0 Web site that satisfies both XHTML and accessibility standards. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published the first version of XHTML as a recommendation on January 26, 2000.

The XHTML standard is intended as a replacement for HTML.This is a broad audience that includes everyone from a middle-aged person with failing eyesight, to a person who just broke his or her arm while skiing, to a person who is completely blind.Standards prevent you from unintentionally blocking persons with temporary or permanent disabilities from your Web pages. NET 2.0 framework was designed to be the best framework for building Web sites that meet public Web standards. NET 2.0 framework was extensively reviewed and tested against both XHTML and accessibility standards.So, if you want to add a summary to a Grid View, declare the summary attribute as follows.The default behavior of the Grid View control is great for displaying a simple table of data in an accessible manner.Here's a list of the most important requirements for building a valid XHTML page: Notice that the Grid View control does not have a Summary property. NET controls, the Grid View control supports expando attributes.

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