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People didn’t panic and think they were out with a different person cheating(I mean some might have been) they just knew they were probably busy and they would hear from them the next day.

Now a days if someone doesn’t return your text you can go on Facebook and see they have been online, check Instagram and see if they liked a post (I’ve definitely done that) and then you can get pissed and start making up situations in your head to get your anxiety levels up to 1,000. You can’t text or call someone right away because that means you’re clingy, not that you genuinely just want to chat or have something to say.

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Because dating isn’t already horrible enough, an app named Attractive World recently launched in New Zealand aiming to make it worse.

Current members decide whether prospective members are hot enough to be allowed in.

Let’s face it, i don’t make much time to allow anyone else in my life.

There seriously is nothing more liberating then realizing you don’t have anyone to worry about but you.

I have a few friends who have met their significant others off of them, and they are great people ( and cute too!

) i personally just haven’t enjoyed my experiences on them in the past.You can’t look too Interested because then the guy will not like you since there will be no chase.Basically in today’s world you both have to look incredibly un interested in each other until someone caves.This was the exact moment I realized I had zero interest in dating anyone right now, i just wanted to work on myself.Sitting there and listening someone talk about themselves was absolutely exhausting for me, and the whole time all I’m thinking about is all the things i needed to be doing at home.If you ask me that’s much more personal than a text, which now a days people prefer (i still rather get a call).

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