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If you want to hear me go over the spoilers in podcast form and give more thoughts, you can tune in to Episode #5 through various podcasting platforms, or just listen right here: Subscribe: i Tunes, RSS, Stitcher Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B’Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI) Episode 1: (airing Jan.

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Now, for those of you who have checked this site religiously since filming began, a lot of this will be repetitive. And let me guess, he’s gonna do his semi-annual tradition where he magically guesses who the final the final 4 are after reading them from this site, right? And there is no “Bachelor: Live” that’s been announced for this season, at least not yet.

But most of you, probably 90% of you, are seeing/hearing this for the first time, so these episode-by-episode spoilers will catch you up on everything that happened during filming that started on Saturday night, Sept. There are definitely some things in these spoilers that I have not mentioned over the course of filming, so don’t just skim through it because you might miss a few things. They’re doing something on Snapchat that goes up every Tuesday morning instead that I’m guessing very few people will care about or be interested in.

Not only because he's the next man up in the odds, but because of his string of appearances on Tara's Instagram this week.

Tara shared an Instagram story video of Jake sitting on a hotel couch, wearing sunglasses and looking worse for wear.'Found this guy at the casino this morning at 5am,' the reality star captioned the post.

Is it necessary to put an 11 year old through this again? Bella is roughly 12 years away from being a contestant on this show, so I guess she’s getting her practice in now.

-Nick ends his “intro” segment by saying “I’m gonna give America a happy ending,” then pausing knowing full well what he just said.24th in Los Angeles and ended on Friday, November Nov. This is pretty much everything you’ll see this season. Here is the season preview that played during last night’s “Countdown to Nick” special on ABC, and I’m sure the one we’ll see again at the end of tonight’s episode. It’ll be a rollicking good time for all those involved, I promise.Knowing that later in the season, Nick’s 1-on-1 in Wisconsin with Raven has him going to Bella’s soccer game, then Raven meeting her and talking to her at the roller skating rink is the reason why this segment was thrown in.Bella’s advice to Nick before he leaves: 1) Look them in their eyes 2) don’t mumble 3) let out your thoughts 4) don’t forget family loves you.Here’s what you’ll see in tonight’s episode: -They do show a small 1 min clip previewing the season, and even if you didn’t read the spoilers, you clearly see a couple shots of Rachel and Nick together wearing oversized clothes in the snow. Nor did it snow in Wisconsin when they were there, or New Orleans, St. So they basically give away in the previews that Rachel made it Lapland, Finland.

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