Adult dating with video - Backdating fraud

Stock options are awarded just before news, usually positive, is announced.The shares increase in value and the options are worth more.More than 100 probes are on, involving scores of companies, including reputed firms like Apple.

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The CEO made a profit of about $6.4 million through backdating.

The new scam would put many executives behind the bars for paying themselves the money that belonged to ordinary shareholders.

The widening scandal has also forced many companies to delay their quarterly re-ports for June.

Also under sc-rutiny is spring loadingalmost the opposite of backdating.

Now they have resorted to the backdating malpractice.

Recently, three former executives of Comverse Technology surrendered to the FBI under criminal fraud charges.

The issue now is whether some top executives committed fraud when obtaining options.

How widesp-read is the practice of backdating There are no clear answers as of now.

But SOX did not eliminate backdating; a study has found that about 24% of stock option grants were reported late. More companies are now restating earnings, as backdated options essentially provided executives with extra compensation, an expense that has to be provided for.

Broadcom, for ex-ample, has stated it would take a charge of at least 0 million against profits it has reported since 2000!

Thus, by backdating vehicle purchase or lease contracts the car dealer is charging illegal interest greater than the amount it permitted by law to collect from you. You may be entitled to “rescind” the contract, which means that you can give the vehicle back and get back all the money that you paid towards it (less a small deduction for the mileage that you put on the vehicle). Call (858) 674-4100 right now to find out how much money you may be entitled to based on the dealership’s backdating of your car’s purchase or lease contract.

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