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The regiments crest bears a lion derived from the coat of arms of Picardie.

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In short, they were the kind of leaders we coaches all crave.

In the sit-down with young Jim Fraser, they told him that they thought he had good potential as a football player and they asked him to join them. ) and suggested that his time at GA wouldn’t be near as enjoyable as a soccer player as it would be if he joined their merry band. He turned out to be a very good linebacker, good enough to get a scholarship to Wisconsin, and he went on to play six seasons in the AFL with the Broncos, Chiefs and Patriots, as both a linebacker and a punter.

The rest of the First Division, and French aircraft, artillery, tanks and flamethrowers, supported the attack.

The seizure and defense of Cantigny against determined German opposition proved the worth of the American soldier and bolstered allied morale at a critical time.

COMPLIMENTARY LUNCH 1 PM- 2 PM Indoors - review Open Wing basics.

2 PM - 4 PM Outdoors - (1) DW Passing (2) Basic Open Wing run and pass package (3) expanded formations 4 PM (Overtime) - Individual Requests. Lots of the boys rode bikes, and a couple of people walked their dogs.

Almost 900 members of the regiment were killed or wounded during the four-day battle.

The regiment earned the French Croix de Guerre with Palm and the designation "The Lions of Cantigny".

Years later, he explained to me why he had the change of heart: he'd had a sit-down with the Lassen brothers.

The Lassen brothers, Dick and Bob, were twins, maybe 5-8, 155 pounds, but they were all whalebone and whipcord, as people once said.

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