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The Battlefield 1 social media team tried to get the hashtag #just WWIthings trending on Twitter.

In one of the tweets, an in-game soldier can be brandishing a flamethrower with the caption: "When you're too hot for the club."Some fans took exception to the hashtag, accusing EA of being insensitive and disrecpectful to victims of a war that claimed 17 million lives.

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On this Battlefield 2142 stats website you will find all the information about the game and stats.

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The players_nodata array contains players of which we have no data in our database and gets updated soon.

The players_unknown array contains unknown players that get inserted into the search queue to find them.

Since Command Ranks are divided into tiers, the gear rating of the items you get will depend on the Command Tier.

offers an API for fetching all BFBC2 Stats data from our database.Dark vs Light is now a server wide system that compliments the Galactic Command System.You will see the biggest CXP difference between ranks in Tier 1.But the Battlefield 1 server issues don't appear to have harmed sales, because the has topped the UK gaming charts since launch.And it looks like Battlefield 1 has outsold fellow EA shooter Titanfall 2 by a considerable amount.There is a highlighted activity each day where you can earn large amount of bonus CXP for doing that particular activity (i.e.operations, warzones, flashpoints, uprising, or story chapters) Bonuses CXP Packs & Bonus Packs The CXP packs you seen below listed for flashpoints,uprisings and operations seems to drop off bosses (might be last boss for flashpoints and uprisings).

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