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If proof cannot be provided, Use Tax must be paid to Nevada.

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Services not in conjunction with a sale of tangible personal property are not subject to Sales Tax.

However, the provider of the services may have a Use Tax liability on the materials and equipment used or consumed in providing the service, if they were purchased without paying sales tax.

NAC 372.055Sales Tax applies in the retail sales of beer, wine, and liquor to the entire amount charged for the product, including the amount of all other state and federal taxes imposed on the product.

NAC 372.150The sale of postage stamps through vending machines is not subject to Sales Tax because such stamps represent an intangible right to receive services and are not tangible personal property.

The goal of this effort is to find solutions for the complexity in state sales tax systems that resulted in the U. Supreme Court holding that a state may not require a seller that does not have a physical presence in the state to collect tax on sales into the state.

The Court ruled that the existing system was too complicated to impose on a business that did not have a physical presence in the state.

statutorily imposed on the sale, transfer, barter, licensing, lease, rental, use or other consumption of tangible personal property in Nevada.

Sales/use legislation was initially enacted in Nevada in 1955.

Services necessary to complete the sale of tangible personal property are taxable.

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