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The workers are threads in multithreading mode and processes in multiprocessing mode.

Scaffolding operatives should be up to date with the latest changes to safety guidance and good working practices within the scaffolding industry.

Giving operatives job specific pre-start briefings and regular toolbox talks is a good way of keeping them informed.

One of our most popular Confluence plugins, the Scaffolding plugin, is now in the progress of getting a makeover for its debut in Confluence 4 and I am proud to announce that we are now approaching a beta release that people can try out, from a progress point of view, we have updated the basic functionality upgrade of the following macros: In addition to this, we have also completely revamped the editing experience to have full integration with the Confluence 4 Rich Text Editor to take advantage of the new features that were introduced in Confluence 4.

There are a number of items that we are currently working on before the beta is released, the main items include: Note that to make our fields stand out, the editable sections are displayed as white boxes and the non-editable sections are grayed out, we have also added icons to each of the editable sections to help identify what type of field it is.

Scaffolding is available via the odoo-bin scaffold subcommand.

Our development team has posted an internal blog on the latest Scaffolding Plugin internal builds of the Scaffolding plugin and we wanted to share some further information to the community on our progress.

While not necessary it avoids the tedium of setting up basic structures and looking up what all starting requirements are.

Scaffolding is available via the scaffold subcommand.

Competence may have been assessed under the CISRS or an individual may have received training in inspecting a specific type of system scaffold from a manufacturer/supplier.

A non-scaffolder who has attended a scaffold inspection course (eg a site manager) could be deemed competent to inspect a basic scaffold structure.

Since version 11, it’s also possible to restrict access to a given database listen by using the –database parameter and specifying a comma-separated list of databases When combining the two parameters, db-filter superseed the comma-separated database list for restricting database list, while the comma-separated list is used for performing requested operations like upgrade of modules.

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