learning centers to accommadating blind students - Bes last contact date not updating

You may think that will ensure the account has adequate permissions in Exchange, but you'd be wrong.

bes last contact date not updating-58

I'm having similar trouble, everything syncs up, contacts, notes, emails - except calendar won't sync at all.

Tried re-installing BES, wiping and 're-activating' handheld.

I get updated appointments on my bb from outlook but not the other way. nearly everyone in my company uses bb's of various models and all on verizon. 3) Any notable errors in the Application Event Log on the blackberry server?

I and one other guy use the 8700, he hasn't mentioned any issues. 4) re-register and re-start the BES dispatcher service...1) confirmed registered at c:\program files\exchsrvr\bin 2) and same version as on exchange server.

Nothing works, what are the specifics on the issues?

All this worked fine when BES was installed on our Exchange server.

3) Here was my problem: Service account has incorrect rights in Exchange.

Our service account was a member of the domain admins group.

I have delated their their BES user account, wiped the blackberry and activated again.

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From my experience, this is the result of at least one but up to all of the following being true: 1) is not registered.

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