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Another single "One Trip at A Time" describes Jordin walking through the streets with the clapping of her shoes and "accidentally" tripping people, she doesn't even notice the blood all over the sidewalk.

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Woooh, these times when we plow so fast to gain level, why we gonna try to sex now, i never meant to start a plow, you know i never wanna leave you! Jordin first made it biggest success was when she was 10 years old and she finally learned how to use the toilet.

Then she went to American Idol and became a huge star in music.

Sheffield also claims Disney could owe him and his production company millions in lost profits and damages, and he wants compensation for legal fees. tour this fall set to kick off October 4 in Cleveland, Ohio.

A Disney Channel spokesperson told the news service the network had no comment. Kirsten Dunst's penthouse suite at a hotel in Manhattan, New York, was robbed earlier this month, according to court records obtained by AP. Just five dates have been confirmed, but more will be announced in the coming weeks.

("sympathy pounds"...Double Stuf Oreos in the delivery room.) Meanwhile, Jordin will probably get into top physical condition and be in Playboy.

Nickelodeon will sever all ties from her and Simon Cowell will probably get reptitive stress syndrome in his hand looking at the pictures.

"Oh my God, good thing you're talented, or I'd vomit uncontrollably whenever I was in your presence. Between you and Blake Lewis and Randy Jackson, that's almost too much fatness for me to handle." Another thing Jordin is known for is her hot, steamy, overtly sexual relationship with the chubby Blake Lewis. Fuck, I'm totally screwed." The two met on the set of Idol, and Blake noticed an attraction from the first time he saw her.

Although he is in the closet, Jordin told Seventeen magazine, "I'm sure I can de-gay-ify him. "Man, I totally wanted to take a bite out of those luscious thighs of hers.

A portion of the proceeds from the September 25 release will go to the Keep a Breast Foundation, a nonprofit organization that fights breast cancer. RZA and GZA are participating in the Hip-Hop Chess Foundation's first-ever Chess Kings Invitational, set for October 13 at the San Francisco Design Center.

The rappers will talk on the tournament's Life Strategies panel about how music, martial arts and chess — activities the organization uses to promote nonviolence — have affected their lives. Muse have plotted a handful of September dates with Juliette and the Licks: Seattle (September 9); Portland, Oregon (September 10); Orem, Utah (September 12); Dallas (September 16); Morrison, Colorado (September 18); Mesa, Arizona (September 20); and Irvine, California (September 21).

Ryan Seacrest was astonished she even made it past the first round. My first guess was that she was sleeping with Randy just to get farther into it. She'll coast along with a few moderately popular singles, then when she turns twenty-one EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

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