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This informs the best choices for metadata tagging, of course, but it could also affect a book’s titling.Understanding the book and author’s digital connections and the right language to describe the book you’re selling are “foundational” elements; everything flows from them. The whole concept of marketing “budgeting” needs to be rethought.This is critical research to do before you invest effort and time in actual marketing. Another key research element is to carefully pick your nomenclature.

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that Middleton was one of Harry's matchmakers pre-Meghan Markle.

Times are changing in publishing and publishers know it.

They don’t have the capacity big publishers need to run hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of campaigns at one time with realtime “budgets” (or “go, no-go” gauges).

So the big agencies wouldn’t know how to deal with a publishing house.

And not knowing that causes lost value two ways: 1.

They don’t have techniques to apply mass optimization across hundreds or thousands of highly differentiated “products”, because the work they do doesn’t require it; 2.

This reality collides with the historical practices and commercial realities of publishers, particularly big publishers.

Editors, who have to sign up the books and keep agents and authors happy, want to tell agents and authors what their marketing budgets and efforts will be.

For a large part of the past year, I have been learning about digital marketing for books from the man whom I will regard as The Master until the day comes when I meet somebody who knows more. Pete started his career with nearly 3 years at The Reader’s Catalog, New York Review of Books, and the Granta family of publications.

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