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University of Toronto sexologist Meredith Chivers analyzed over 100 studies measuring arousal, and found a significant correlation between what a man’s penis was saying, and what he’d self-reported. All the flushing in the world won’t guarantee that a gal’s mind and genitalia are harmonized.

The good: More than three-quarters of Canadian men say they’re often, or somewhat often, romantic.

And which comes first, female arousal or the desire to have sex?

And how do these change over the course of a woman’s lifetime?

Implicit in the context of sex and this discussion is the idea of reciprocity and mutual joy. It’s uncontrolled, impersonal, and inordinate, a physical need intent on being satisfied without regard for anyone else.

The object doesn’t matter, because they are just that … arousal—defined as our body’s physical response to sexual stimuli.

Until a few months ago, I hadn’t pondered female lust, or consider how it differed from its corporeal cousins, desire and arousal. Certainly, someone who makes a life out of exploring intimacy should know the distinctions, you are thinking.

I sheepishly admit that until the nuances were brought to my attention, I viewed them interchangeably. On the other hand, if you’re intrigued and asking if lust is not sexual desire, then what is it?Increased blood flow to the genitals leads to an erection, arousal and desire for sex. It turns out that for women, being in the mood to make love is as much a matter of the mind, and effected by many things like the state of our relationships, the length of our to-do list, and how we feel about ourselves, physically and sexually speaking (a truncated list, to be sure).What’s more, guys are more candid about being turned on. Their loins could be screaming, but that’s not what they admitted. This is one reason why some believe that the female equivalent to Viagra™ isn’t going to have much success for the majority of women with diminished female sexual arousal.It doesn’t really matter if she wants to have sex much, the theory goes, because the odds are generally good that she’ll get pregnant when she does.However, as female hormones decline (starting in the late twenties to early thirties), the proportion of testosterone goes up relatively speaking.Read more: Canadian often romantic many motivated/5161074/story.html#ixzz1TF26pjzm " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" On the positive side, 87 per cent of Canadian guys would welcome a relationship with a higher-income earner, 65 per cent would take male birth-control were it available and 56 per cent believe no one side is “winning” the battle of the sexes.

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