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I'm looking forward to seeing her in a leading role in another drama. There's a rumor saying that Yoona will cast in an upcoming drama "Sword and flower" in KBS. Currently she's a front runner if she accept this project. Yoona You're so pretty i like you because of being simple you are a good actress, and good dancer even if you are not really good in singing but you are the best don't mind your haters because they are just jealous of you don't mind if the others are saying to you that you are a flirt you are the best yoona saranghae Yoona, truthfully, i think you suck at acting, and you flirt with MY lee min ho.

But i dont know why everytime you get new offer drama your character always weak .and weak . Please Yoona unnie i wish if this year you get new offer drama , Take at least 1 week to thinking , learn and understand what character you get !! I've always she's a pretty woman and that the most beautiful member in SNSD way before LR but yeah her acting talent moves me.. You may not be enchanted by her looks but her personality is TRUE GOLD! She has talent, and it looks like more talent than you ^.^! But just know that you also have people out there who will support you, Like me ^^! Yoona is freakin gorgeous, her acting is just perfect! Thank for your suggestion, but I'm fine watching Yoona. I have known a lot of actresses whose are more talented than her, but there something about her that is special.

Peace My Love Yoona Unnie 。^‿^。 I've been a fan of SNSD since 2009 and my bias is Yoona. From The K2 to The King in love, it was her best performance. So i can't wait your first historical drama or saeguk drama , And really can't wait SNSD COMEBACK ... Looking forward to watching The God Of War Zhou but really... sooo hot and sexy and stunning and pretty and charming and adorable and funny and cute and amazing and beautiful and gorgeous ............................... yall are just some haters but what can i say haters gon hate.! @hana She doesn't ruin the dramas, her acting's just no very good. However I must admit I m surprised to find out that yoona is a member of a pop group, given her good acting in PM&I, which I m currently watching on KBS.

I have watched lots of drama and Prime Minister & I is the only drama I can watch over and over. Your fan here will always support you no matter what.. You know it doesn't matter how she looks even though I think she is the prettiest girl in the world. I was watching weekly idol about 3 months ago, Ji- Yeon got first on the prettiest face. Not yet finish yet You are so kind heart I think You never jealous instead you love your unnie and always worry and take care them even you are second maekne in group .

You and the prime minister and the whole cast performance was excellent acting. Nodame Cantabile is a really big challenge for you, and if you're doing good in that drama, your acting will be recognized. Haters do u have nothing else to do then to insult Yoon A? You are choding funny and sometime immature but I like it I like when your prank with your unnie .

Yoona did a good job of acting in Love Rain, playing the dual role of Kim Yoon Hee and thne also playing Yoon Hee's daughter Jung Hana. and…YOONA IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE…she is adorable…OK!

While she is very young, she portrayed a character of sweetness and innocence in the show and I think it really tugged at people's heart strings. Come on I was watching a show where 2 members of a girl group sang Genie and they were horrible so i thought how can people be so harsh on yoona's singing skill when in fact she's way better than those 2 which I'm not really familiar as who they are. I should say she is a well-rounded entatiner as she can do everything and most of them she can do with flying colors.. I'm addicted with yoona, she's totally beautifull, adorable, pretty, cute and heart warmed :) I'm a girl, but really a huge fans of yoona!!! I'm not exaggerating this because she is my bias well she wouldn't be my bias if she is not the best why would I waste my time with someone who doesn't deserve it. There's w this interview where her co-actors in YAMD said that yoona forced them to memorize all the names of SNSD members (not greedy at all). Bright Sunshine appeal that whenever you see her you feel refreshed. I could go on and on and say more about my yoona discoveries but it all boils down to this fact that to those who came to know yoona she is an idol worthy... Seen her in SMTOWN INA, and she looks extremely pretty, she has an angelic smile! Yoona keep strong please, please don't be cry when antis talk bad about your mom, be strong, yoonaddict loves you! Love rain, The K2 & The king in love are the best drama of Yoona so far. :) I've been a fan of SNSD since 2009 and my bias is Yoona. From The K2 to The King in love, it was her best performance. Dear Yoong, honestly I knew you much earlier than the other korean actor and actress. words are relatively less seeing your beauty...............: Yoona's new movie's role's name is also Ani ..... you will always have supportive fans like me and others here who are always with you. hope they will remake it but this time longer and the stories of the other characters should have endings too. No need to her acting is 'shit' - like you could do any better. Hwaiting everyone~ After I watched Love Rain, I become a fan of Yoona. Recently there's a news (China web site) reporting that Lee Seung Gi and Jang Guen Suk were fighting because of Yoona. What made PM&I worked was the perfect chemistry between Yoona and Lee Beom Soo, so much so I hardly noticed the age difference (was there any? Love rain, The K2 & The king in love are the best drama of Yoona so far. I fell in love of korean drama because of you aside of 'boys over flower'. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR ACTING CAREER AS WELL AS MEMBER OF GIRLS' GENERATION *_* don't be affected of what saying of others fan of you unnie .. I like her acting though except in the love scenes I ship Yoona, Sooyoung&Yuri for doing great jobs in acting respectively... wow what a great performance you've done in Prime Minister and I... ) it was a joy to watch the entertaining verbal sparring between the 2 leads. Yoona you not only the best dancers but also the best actor .. I think as she gets more experience, she can develop her acting skills.

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