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Initially me and Julian were just innocent friends. Well let me fill you in word for word exactly what she is doing, and what you can do when she gets home to fulfill your sexual needs too.

We would chat online and then eventually we exchanged numbers. It's kinda fucked up because my boyfriend is a nice guy. I'm going to tell you every last detail of how many cocks she has had in her mouth, pussy and ass.

I never considered myself a Beta male or someone that likes submission and emotional chastity.

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Well I haven't really posted to this site before but I am not new to cucking my husband.

I have chatted in chat rooms on swinger's sites a few times and always seem to be recounting how I got into this.

Since when did you need to watch This Goddess get her pussy pounded by large cocks to even begin to get an erection?

Do you remember the first time you realized this was how you wanted to live? just waiting for her cock sleeve to fill up with another man’s spunk, so you could drink from it like the “Cuckold’s Holy Grail”.

Hi, So, this story started out as a response to someone asking for advice about the same situation.

Figured once I poured my heart out might as well make my own blog post about it.

Well tonight could be a very lucky night for you, for I...

I know you want a piece of my sexy pink pussy so badly, but do you know what's even better than my pretty little twat?

One night, I was out with the girls having some drinks, when this big black man came up to me.

He introduced himself as Mike and asked if he could buy me a drink. He had to be around 6’2” with a very muscular build. Cuckold Phone Sex Clean Up Locked away behind a metal casing, cramped and squished.

She is beautiful as you can see, smart, honest and does care about me and us.

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