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At the time I’d recently gotten my first laptop and was trying to write an original fiction, however my style was a bit on the rough side so I thought to get a bit of practice by finally putting up a fanfiction after years of reading them.

Anyway I just wanted to offer thanks to all the readers that have supported me up to this point and to say that I really hope to continue to write these fics as well, or even better, as I’ve managed to up to this point.23/07/14 - Well, things have been a bit hectic since i got back from my holiday without internet, but i thought i'd write a bit here about what happened, at least as far as my writing goes anyway.

When i first started writing the Golden Prophecies i was lucky if i could do 400 words a night, imagine my surprise when i found myself belting off 1000 words per night easily, and not just that, the quality of what i'd written had definitely improved considerably.

C Language: English Size: 3,6GB No Reuploads For Zippy/Mirror Zippy/Mirror Part 1|Part 2 Uploaded/Rapidgator/Share-Online Download Console codes: To open the Console press Shift O then type the command and press Enter.

To get the console if you don’t have it I recommend using Un Ren because it’s easy to use and it offers more options.

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Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Chapter Twelve: The Four Kings Part 4 - As of 12/03/13 is COMPLETE.

Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Chapter Thirteen: Road to the Feast - As of 07/04/13 it is COMPLETE.

Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Interlude One: To Wait and To Hope - As of 12/06/13 it is COMPLETE.

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