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According to Ars Technica, Comcast has had a data cap in place in some markets since 2012.

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Many people who use Comcast for Internet access do not realize there is a 250GB (Giga Byte) monthly limit cap.

That means, if you go over the limit once, Comcast will send you a warning.

This all suggests Comcast isn't always precise about these kinds of things.

Some see Comcast's expanding data caps as a move against video-streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which have been upping the quality of their videos in recent months.

Some states had a 300GB cap, but they're getting 1TB now, since, according to Ars Technica, some customers were exceeding the lower limit.

What this likely means in the long run is that data caps are officially a part of how Comcast plans to do business.The FCC also just fined Comcast .3 million — the biggest fine to a cable company ever — for charging customers for things they did not buy.In some cases, people declined the specific services they were later billed for.In a world where people are connecting more devices with more and more data-hungry services (Netflix and chill, for example), this could bring the internet service provider in conflict with its subscribers.Comcast insists 99% of its customers use less than 1TB a month, telling Wired the average Comcast subscriber uses 75GB per month and that only 10% of its customers even exceeded the previous 300GB cap.With the proliferation of high-intensity applications like VR, video conferencing, and 4K streaming, it's possible that we'll all be using a terabyte a month soon enough. If you have a Comcast account, view your monthly usage.

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