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Tamika is a small village (population 68,800 in the year 2000) which was originally built for operations of the American company PT Freeport Indonesia, the biggest gold mine in the world.

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He said he just got back from a one week trip to Asmat with the Indonesian Governor to attend the annual Asmat Festival that has just ended.

Once we were comfortably settled in our air conditioned hotel rooms, we decided to go eat at a small local restaurant down the road.

I politely asked Made if he could drive us to the airport, and stop at a bank/atm on the way.

There is no such technology where we are going so we need cash if we are going to buy some primitive artifacts.

We ordered a “Coto Makassar” A culinary specialty from the south of Sulawesi; it’s a very hot/ spicy beef soup with big chunks of beef and lots of fried onions. During breakfast Made suggested a solution, to buy 3 plane tickets to Ewer, a small airport on the Asmat territory about 170km south west of where we were.

He told us that the festival was over, and that it would be easy for us to find sculptures that hadn’t been sold at the local auction in Agats, the biggest village in the Asmat region.

At the end of the day we decided to go with the hotel INTSIA, which is owned by a Balinese Architect by the name of Made who has lived in Tamika for a few years now.

He gave us information about the region and also about the Asmat territory.

The scar tissue left over from the operation was perfect, but still quite fresh.

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