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At the same time, they had to be convinced that dividends, while in arrears, would eventually be paid.

Our customers, hard-pressed for finances as our company, could not pay higher rates or increased utilization.

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On Dec.17, 1914, Malvern and Arkadelphia were lit up as the generators at the lumber company were turned on for the first time.

Now called Arkansas Light and Power Company, Arkansas’ newest endeavor to bring the benefits of electricity to the rural south began with two 550 kilowatt generators and 22 miles of transmission lines. Ten years later he completed construction of the Remmel hydroelectric dam on the Ouachita River. With a 9,000 kilowatt generator in place, Couch set his sights beyond the state’s boundaries.

The Entergy story began with a pile of sawdust and a handshake. The handshake was between Foster and Harvey Couch, president of Arkansas Power Company.

Foster, president of the Arkansas Land and Lumber Company.

Couch’s ultimate goal was to have an integrated electric system with numerous sources of power at a reasonable price. He knew if he could provide a reliable product at a good price he would succeed.

With the fuel source secured, Couch began work on electrifying the state.The Electric Power and Light Corporation was no exception.Then MP&L president Rex Brown described company operations during the era: “Stockholders had to be continually assured that their investments were safe.The Louisiana Power Company was formed so Couch could take full advantage of the abundant supply of natural gas found in northern Louisiana.In November 1925, Couch’s Sterlington generating station was placed online. Louis, its 30,000 kilowatt capacity was owned by three companies: Arkansas Light and Power, Mississippi Power and Light, and Louisiana Power Company. Harvey Parnell of Arkansas said, “Harvey Couch has done more to develop these three states – Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi – than any other man.” Couch’s goal of an integrated electric system was becoming a reality.EBASCO was building, financing and operating struggling new electric systems.

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