how does carbon dating work - Consolidating iphoto libraries

After all, the original that was on the camera’s flash storage device is long gone, which means the image in your library may be the only one that exists.

More than likely, you've gone through your Photos or i Photo Library a few times, and deleted images you decided you no longer needed.

This is where it's important to remember that you could very well be deleting the only version of an image that you have.

Digital photos are among the most important and meaningful files you keep on your computer, and as with any important files, you should maintain current backups of them.

If you've imported some or all of your photos into either the Photos app (OS X Yosemite and later) or the i Photo app (OS X Yosemite and earlier), then you should be backing up your Photos or i Photo Library on a regular basis.

Modern photography has done away with the old-fashioned film negative or slide, which served as very good methods of archival storage of images.

With digital cameras, the original is stored on the camera's flash storage device.Using i Photo Library Manager you can switch between them with relative ease.i Photo Library Manager is a great way to split or merge different i Photo libraries to make photo management easier.Mac users coming from i Photo may wish to move an i Photo Library to the new Photos app.Once the images are downloaded to your Mac, the flash storage device is more than likely erased to make room for a new batch of photos.If you’re an avid photographer, your image library has the potential to be bursting at the seams with images you've taken over the years.After, you can continue using this library both in Aperture and i Photo.

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