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Still, it's possibly a more recognisable hook on which to hang the series, and it could just be that it's used in the pilot to introduce the audience to the supernatural elements, before opening up the wider nuances of John's life.

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The presence of a bright yellow taxi in the trailer would seem to suggest that John's long-time, cab-driving friend Frank "Chas" Chandler will be making an appearance.

IMDb lists an actor called Charles Halford as playing him, and while this suggests another Americanisation, fears of a repeat of Shia Laboeuf's "Chas Kramer" from the movie are somewhat allayed by the fact that he looks from photos to be a suitably tough and grizzled sort.

“True Detective’s” Charles Halford has been cast as Chas, Constantine’s oldest friend and staunch companion with possible supernatural survival skills. The British Griffiths is represented stateside by Sheree Cohen at Don Buchwald & Associates; Perrineau is represented by Ryan Martin and Paul Santana at Agency for the Performing Arts.

Also read: Pilot Season 2014: The Wrap’s Complete Network Guide “Constantine” is based on the DC Comics graphic novel “Hellblazer” and the character created by “Watchmen” writer Alan Moore, as well as Steve Bissette and John Totleben.

If there's one element that does seem to have made it over from the movie adaptation, however, it's an increased focus on John's dabbling in exorcism.

In the wider comics storylines, it's only really a minor part of his character – he does find himself in conversation with beings from heaven and hell quite a lot, but day-to-day he's more of a jobbing con-man and magic artist than someone who'd hawk himself out as an "exorcist for hire".Though this leaves them open to come come back in recurring or guest roles, the loss of Mike and Rachel is a pretty huge blow for the show.The show will return for the second half of its seventh season next year. can Harvey, Donna and Louis go it alone in Season 8?And Perrinau's fellow alumnus Jeremy Davies also makes an appearance, but we haven't yet been told who his character is.The prominent "Based on the comics" credit is interesting, as at present DC aren't actually publishing a comic called That series was cancelled last year with issue #300, bringing to an end the nearly thirty-year, aging-in-real-time story of the original John Constantine – and replaced with a rebooted, younger-starring series that takes place in the (ostensibly) suitable-for-all-readers DC New 52 universe. Adams are both likely to leave the show after Season 7.

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