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Easy to dip in and out of, topics include choosing the right site, safety, how to give the write impression (so no lying on your CV!), browsing profiles, online flirting, where to go and not to go on a first date and what to wear, letting him down or seeing him again, how to ditch a dodgy date and blind date banter.Whether it's someone you're meeting online or it's someone your friends know, aim to drop the things you know about them and start fresh.

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I took my A-class banter game to Tinder, and this is what I got: by Elena Alvarez So you had a nasty breakup. Obviously you're only keeping tabs on them as a reminder that you're way better than your replacement.…

Maybe it's your ex, maybe it's your ex best friend — but being the petty queen you are, you didn't unfollow. by Ari Bines After fans pretty much lost it with Ariana Grande's speedy recovery from her breakup with Mac Miller and quick bounce-back with SNL star Pete Davidson, we had no choice but to delve deeper into the enigma sweeping Ariana off her feet.

Most recently, she was the writer of the Sex & The Single Girl column in Cosmopolitan.

She is now freelance and continues to write for a number of women's titles, including a regular column for the Cosmo website. We do our best to provide good quality books for you to read, but there is no escaping the fact that it has been owned and read by someone else previously.

We know Pete is on Saturday Night Live, but what the hell else do…

by Roisin Lanigan If you’re not from Ireland or don’t have a real interested in Irish domestic policy (what, is that not a thing?Find out how to give good email, the dos and don'ts of profile writing, decoding the good, the bad and the ugly photos and learn how to enjoy Facebook flirting.This easy-to-follow guide to online dating is like having your coolest, funniest friend give you advice: it's sensible, down-to-earth, sometimes hysterical and most importantly, real.The first step involved having an interesting description on your Tinder profile.There was particular emphasis on the importance of keeping it concise and to the point, so I went with “Eggstistentially Angsty”.So I decided that it would be a great chance to spice up my love life and investigate to what extent these steps towards true love actually work.

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