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And his will be bursting out a tight pair of jeans and boxer shorts, whereas I’ll be wearing frilly knickers and maybe a skirt and stockings!is an embarrassing and shameful experience, as all cuck members of Cum Eating Cuckolds will know.

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And I love how she looks him straight in the eye while she’s getting fucked - totally shaming him for not being up to the job himself!

It’s so weird watching a man like that being humiliated, because I can’t help thinking what a loser he is - and yet I know I’m just the same as him.

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And even though a part of me quite likes the thought of seeing her riding a big black cock, it would just be so humiliating for me.

I mean, how pathetic is my 3-inch stub of a dick going to look next to the black bull’s 10-inch swinger.

I know it makes me a wimp and a loser, but that’s OK by me.

And I know I’m not the only one, as the films at I have never been much of a man and have never been able to please my wife.

She likes massive dicks and to be fucked for hours, but my penis is only 3-inches long when it’s stiff - and even then it’s barely even hard enough to force its way into my wife’s orifice.

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