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First, and of paramount importance, your relationship with your husband MUST be 100% rock solid. In the passing of time, I had observed that my husband’s greatest enjoyment was watching me, with whomsoever my sex partner was, as we engaged in sex play as swingers.Any jealousy, insecurity, or lack of total trust, and this is NOT for you. His participation with the female half of the swinging couple we were engaging was fun and exciting to him, but not as exciting as watching me and my fuck-buddy partner.After the cowboys had both cum, she was fading so they left.

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I am told that this is a sort of a "mental vacation", where the male casts aside his role as Alpha and allows things to happen to him, rather than he dictating how things will happen.

Once you have put forth the suggestion of your dating another man to your husband, I suggest a night out alone to test your ability to engage as many women can’t once the green light is given.

My wife asked what would happen if she ordered the other 3 guys a drink and the bartender said it would be 3 buttons.

Since she was out of buttons she thought she would be clever and not have to pay, so she ordered them a round.

She stepped out of them as she leaned over to serve the guys.

One of the guys put his hand on her ass and rubbed it. She then walked back to get the 3rd drink, totally naked.

(You can read all about this in my story titled "First Time Cuckoldress".) This is required reading for the prospective Hotwife.

As the story says, my husband was so excited by this encounter, we decided to take it to its extreme, not only to excite me, but to serve his needs as well.

The bartender said to her that would be 3 buttons and could she take it to their table.

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