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We also may look up your IP address to determine your general location.When you install or use one of our Services, it will run in the background of your device or environment to help predict threats and better protect you, your devices, and your information.In order to provide our services, we collect information.

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For instance, we may share the information we collect as follows: We use administrative, organizational, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the Personal Data we collect and process.

Our security controls are designed to maintain data confidentiality, integrity, and an appropriate level of availability. If you do not subscribe to a Mc Afee product but one of our products is installed on your device, you may stop Mc Afee’s collection of data from your device by uninstalling that product.

Where you grant this permission, we will collect information about your location using GPS, wireless, or Bluetooth technology.

You can control access to precise location information through your mobile device settings.

You may choose not to receive marketing communications from us by clicking on the unsubscribe link in our marketing emails or contacting us as described below.

If you choose to no longer receive marketing information, Mc Afee may still communicate with you regarding transactional or administrative topics, such as security updates, product functionality, and service requests.

You can opt out of the use of your information for this purpose in the settings of the products that include this data sharing.

For more information on which Services contain this feature and how to opt out, click We work with third-party advertising companies to display or deliver ads to you while you are on our Site or using some Services.

If there are any material changes to this Privacy Notice, we will notify you by email, in-product notification, or as otherwise required by applicable law.

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