Dating 46536

As the result of a random drawing, Northwest Indiana retained 219, 260 was assigned to Northeast Indiana (Fort Wayne), and North Central Indiana received 574.

The area codes split on January 15, 2002, with mandatory dialing taking effect five months later on June 14, 2002.

dating 46536-48

Thirty seven Air Post stamps: #C23-C31, #C32-C53, #C60-C61, #CE1, #CE2, #F1, #FA1 61.

Sixty one commemorative stamps: #835-838, #845, #852, #853, #855-858, #859-878, #879-893, #894-908 56. Thirteen Special Delivery stamps: #E12-E23 (2x #E12) 60.

The abandoned sea caves in the cliffs have proved to be a rich resource for archaeologists, and virtually all have been excavated over the last century to provide a great insight into past climate and habitation of the Gower Peninsular.

Many of these "Bone Caves " are very culturally significant and extremely well documented, although they provide little interest to the sporting caver.

The cliffs, bays, inlets and surrounding areas are rich in caves and are very accessible due to the coastal footpaths that run along this beautiful coastline.

The vast majority of these caves are active sea caves or are remnants of such located in the upper cliffs from times of higher sea levels.

The caves are listed here in a roughly counter-clockwise direction from Rhossili in the west to the eastern extent of the limestone at Mumbles Head.

The bone caves are generally located higher up in the cliffs where the recesses have been abandoned by the sea for millennia and have provided time capsules of past habitation, wildlife and in some cases burial sites.

A comprehensive single-owner Estate collection of U. Stamps to include many rare stamps in excellent condition, dating from the 19th C.

to the present, and including an extensive collection of Federal and State Duck stamps dating from 1934.

Thirteen stamps and seven coil stamp pairs: #383-388, #390-396 22. Stamp album of plate number coil strips containing many bulk rate stamps with different variations 67.

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