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You may want to practice these rhythms slowly at first, but keep in mind that the train rhythms won't sound quite right until you bring them up to speed.In a couple of spots, Dylan punctuates his solos with a vocalized whoop - a device reminiscent of the great blues harp player Sonny Terry.Hohner is identified especially with harmonicas and accordions.

Dating a hohner marine band harmonica

Includes historical and performance notes on each song, plus a complete discography.

Author: Amy Appleby Publisher: NY, AMSCO, 1992 ISBN: 0.8256.1341.8 Order No: AM 87516 Justin Mando ([email protected]) wrote: : I have a question. I have a theory: Just before he quit play the harp on a regular basis, reports of a back brace were circulating. Jim Re: Harmonicaless Bob From Steve Lescure he has said in interviews that he still doesn't feel that great after the illness, so I would guess no harmonica because it's to diffcult right now.

I just stumbled on it one day." Recorded in Mid-1962 at the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan sessions, this song was officially released in 1985 on the Biograph album.

This song provides an extended showcase for Dylan's considerable harp talent.

There's an exciting high-energy solo after each of the four verses - and a short ending solo to cap it off.

(Note that the solo after the third verse is four bars shorter than the others).Here's the accompanying quote and notes to 'Baby I'm In The Mood For You'."Most of the time I would blow out of the harmonica because everybody sucks in.They called this new brand the "Blues Harp." As noted above, the Blues Harp does not have the powerful, clear sound of the Marine Band, so it has never been as popular with professional musicians.Bob Dylan, as far as i know, started out with the Marine Band and always has used that brand.This might very well be true, but I found out recently that the only difference between MB and a "Blues" harp is that the blues harp is slightly easier to "bend" on, to overblow the reads to alter the pitch.

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