Dating an oil rig worker

Everybody is secured with overall, safety boots and glasses, hard hat and they are all shown the whole installation.

Economically, working offshore an oil rig or platform is quite profitable.

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Dating an oil rig worker Adult dating mt ohio vernon

Eventually, the best oil and gas companies offer special services to their employees at little cost or even for free.

Some companies secure ideal medical insurance, life and disability insurance, sick leave and, in some certain cases, profit sharing by taking a percentage of your wage and putting it in a profitable savings account.

The sort of oil rig work, which gives the opportunity to travel for free to far and exotic places and meet people from all around the world.

All people thinking over offshore rig jobs need to check these important things to keep in mind: Salaries on offshore oil rigs jobs depend on company and location, but the minimum day-wage is $300.

Few positions on offshore jobs offer the workers so much time to carry out their private and familiar activities or to devote to another job or business.

While on board of rigs, oil rig workers may spend their time off in a wide diversity of amenities and amusements, because modern offshore installations offer an interesting range of leisure activities, made to ensure a comfortable rest of the employees.

Drilling, construction or metallurgical workers on offshore oil rigs and their respective assistants work outdoors in rough weather conditions.

Other oil jobs, such as geologists and engineers divide their tasks among offices, inside the oil rig platform, and deck zones, outside, enjoying an intermediate conditions and managers, executive and administrative staff work in the offices, in the most comfortable situation.

A very general type of timetable is consisted in fourteen days on, followed by twenty-one days off.

Another schedule systems for oil rig vacancies is based on working for one or two weeks, rotating off the oil rig platform for the same period or one month on and one month off and sometimes, due to the specialty of the service, you are going to have to work until the rig job is accomplished.

Add to this that you won’t pay any money for food, lodging clothing, laundry, and the company generally covers the airfare, even from distant regions.

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