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Aluminum, all but supplanted tin as the favored material for cutters in the 1920's. An old original box, or a legitimate "provenance"(a story telling about a piece's history and/or origin), or cookie cutter documents, signs, etc., might be of great interest to the hundreds of international members in the "Cookie Cutters Collector's Club" home stationed in Cannon Falls, MN.Plastic cutters were introduced in great number following W. Most sought-after, however, are the large grey-patined solder- splashed, tinsmith-made cookie cutters from years ago.A large rabbit can fetch hundreds of dollars if its shape is rabbit-like. A good bear cutter would be valuable because few bears were made compared with hens or trees.

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Those cookie cutters have traveled with us to many shows since.

Selling as Christmas tree ornaments for $4, and wall decorations for $20, and sometimes for much more as staples for a collection.

Grinning like one who had just struck gold, she looked like Mrs.

Santa Claus as she hauled that clinking bag into the house and poured it out on the large kitchen harvest table. Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for tin cookie cutters?

And you know what - that big old bag is still half-full!

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America cutters often have a full tin plate in the back and occasionally, a handle.

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