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This means that we’re not including the fundamental ground of being in our everyday life.

If we were to start doing that and put the sacred front and center, we’d get a much bigger platform from which to operate.

Marianne explained that we all have an internal teacher (which the course calls the Holy Spirit, and we can call our higher self) which gives us an opening, an opportunity in which we tell ourselves “I am willing to see this differently.” is the Holy Spirit in action.

She also talked about the ‘crucifixion’ and ‘savior’ patterns.Depending on how we relate to each person we meet, that person can be our crucifier or savior.When we follow the fear-based pattern of thinking without love, that person will be our crucifier (but really, we’re doing it to ourselves).You experience the true Self (with a capital S) when you let the light and love of god in. the ‘self’ and ego) is the Christ-consciousness within.We all have this notion of pure love inside; the difference is the baggage that comes with it.God can’t create anything other than itself, so we are godlike in that sense, with the only difference being that god created us and not vice versa. Good, because this is where things get interesting.

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