Dating aplication

We’re making a new show for a major UK broadcaster and we’re looking for groups of friends who’d like to introduce us to their town, be up for some fun and even some surprises along the way.

Show us what’s on offer, introduce us to the locals – and put your town on the new nightlife map of Britain.

Shine TV will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy. We are looking for fun single people who need a boost in their dating life.

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To apply, please CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE APPLICATION Phone: 02030406955Applicants must be aged 18 or over. Could your skills make you a contender for any of these titles?

Best Decorated Christmas Tree, Best Handmade Pet Gift To express interest in taking part contact [email protected] photos of your work.

Email [email protected] Call 02 Is your town a great place to go out but underrated by the rest of the country?

Have you and your mates got a bit of competitive spirit and are you willing to show off your favourite bars and clubs?

All calls are confidential and there is no obligation to take part.

All applicants must be aged 18 and over Do you think you have it in you to survive the Island?

If you and your friends are interested please email [email protected] note that your application will be received by a member of Little Gem’s production team and they may contact you directly.

Little Gem will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy.

Would you like to help put your town on the map and possibly take home a prize of up to £1000?

If you know how to go big on Friday and Saturday nights - and would like the chance to show off the pubs, clubs and kebabs available in your town - then we’d like to hear from you.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer all the requests individually.

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