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The companies used different methods to put a stamp on the base of the bottle, words like “Guerlain” and/or “Made in France.” Cristal Romesnil and Baccarat used acid-etching, while the Pochet bottles had an intertwined HP mark.

(More on the base marks much later.) The situation with Cristal Romesnil and Pochet et du Courval is interesting.

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Trying to date vintage Shalimar and navigating e Bay to find a bottle of the version that you prefer might seem, at first glance, to be an exhausting, frustrating, and complicated ordeal.

However, there are some basic guidelines to make things much simpler.

I recently had to use a sort of reverse engineering or backwards analysis based on nothing more than the height dimensions (inches) of a listed bottle in order to figure out its size and possible date of release. The process is much like playing Sherlock Holmes except, in this case, the tiny clues often don’t yield definitive answers.

I want to emphasize that I’m not an expert on dating Shalimar bottles, but I’ll go over the basics and the factors that I personally use or look at when trying to decide which bottle to buy.

I have the sense that Pochet and CR made the greatest number of their bottles from the 1950s onwards.

Not just for Shalimar, but for a number of the Guerlain parfums.

Its official name is the “Flacon Chauve Souris.” From the 1920s to the late 1970s, it was manufactured by three different companies.

Baccarat was the very first in 1925, then Cristal Romesnil and Pochet et du Courval later on.

In addition, I’ll share a few of the tips that I’ve picked up for navigating e Bay listings and finding hidden gems, sometimes for a more affordable price than expected.

Before I start, I want to underline once again something that I said in Part I: there is a lot of guesswork involved when trying to date anything much earlier than 1976 which is roughly when Guerlain began using codes on its bottles and boxes.

website contains information on many different categories of antique bottles, ranging from apothecary bottles to Coca cola bottles.

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