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Yet I saved 00 in less than a year, which paid for a 3 month trip to Europe.

That could just have easily been spent on new furniture in a single bedroom.

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My husband travels constantly for his job (last year he made 2 trips to Europe in Mar and April without me because I was working and he also occasionally travels to Asia without me) so we have frequent flier miles and hotel points.

My husband is Platinum on Delta and last year had to arrange his trips carefully to avoid Diamond status-he prefers to have points to carry over to the next year to maintain his Platinum.

I am pretty sure I'm at the lower end of income of people on these boards. I travel weekly on business and have FF miles that I use to pay for leisure international airfare. Next, I travel to Europe in late October/early November and in March. Next, I typically stay in Hilton properties on my business trips so I can redeem points for free hotel nights. I go on boutique hotel websites and look for special deals 5-6 months in advance. I'll also look at 3rd party hotel websites like, hotwire, & priceline.

That said, we travel more (and further) than most we know. When I see an inexpensive price, I go directly to the hotel's website and book with them.

Even 20 years ago, when I made $25k a year as a journalist and my wife was still in college, I got a second job delivering pizzas.

My friends at the time kind of raised an eyebrow at my dominoes uniform (beneath us college grads, apparently).

For domestic trips where we use car rentals we also have points that often cover that expense or at least reduce it somewhat.

First of all, perspective that I hope makes you feel a little better : anyone who can afford a trip to Europe by saving for 4 years is still better off than most of the world (and better off than me for much of my life.) So yes, this summer will be my 6th trip to Europe in the past 7 years.

We went to Germany last September and it took us 4 YEARS to save for ONE trip. Or is there some secret of life that I missed along the way? I will also probably be paying my student loans til I die.

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