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These Guys Prove Their Membership to The Small Dick Club!

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// // See More Hot Thugs & Banjee Boys at Thug 18 U. C 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement // It’s been a while since I did a post for Bareback That Hole…

Every now and then I feature something here from a condom site ’cause it’s inspiring…

A MAN was bodyshamed for his small penis in front of a half naked woman during a Naked Dating segment on an Australian radio show.

They seem to have taken inspiration from Channel 4's Naked Attraction and had two strangers undress each other while commenting on the other's naked physique.

Lily then took off his briefs and things got very awkward in the studio when radio host Kyle said: "You’re going to need to do something with that mate". The poor guy then danced around trying to help the situation causing Kyle's co-host Jackie O to say: "Oh wow there’s a real improvement after what you just did. ” While that was cringe worthy enough, things got even worse when he tried to take off Lily's sexy bra.

The brunette waits patiently as he tries to undo the clasp, taking an achingly long time before finally taking it off.

And if they were worried about breaking some City ordinance baring smoking in public places – fuck it – light the cigarette and be a criminal!

There really are times when it’s OK to break the law and lighting up for porn movie is perfectly acceptable IMHO. [Continuing my bitchiness…] Looking at the pics it struck me – Sage Daniels has an awfully small dick considering he’s a fairy well known and hot porn star top.

If I am completely wrong, then get your selves a better photographer or don’t release bad photos! The moral of the story is never let your imperfections stop you from having sex – or even doing porn. As you might guess from the name, all their videos are shot in and around San Diego – so a mix of white boys, Latinos and guys in the navy…

In fact, a lot of guys with great bodies aren’t all that good in bed.

Except for the fact that I’ve never seen him get barebacked, he’s the perfect little slut bottom who’s totally obsessed with getting anything and everything up his ass – dildos, butt plugs, fists, and of course dicks. Usually I like twinks to stay pretty lean and twinkish, but I gotta say his bulking up is looking mighty good.

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