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As soon as i got down i touched his *** and told ok said where you want to go I said near by. He didnt dropped anything and told i have a nice huge ***. Then after sometime again the road was not good and he applied braked and i went little up and squeezed his nipples,he looked at me and did not react then again i squeezed his nipples and then my destination came.

He started and as soon as the pot hold came he applied brake and i squeezed his stomach and then started rubbing my fingers on his jacket.

I kept one hand on his stomach and with hand took support of the auto.

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Location: India : Karnataka : Bangalore : Fun with auto rickshaw/bus conductor/outdoor Hey...

Any experience in having fun with auto rickshaws or bus personnel or any outdoor cherishing experience to share :) Post A Comment Comments Posted On Sep 20, 2015 - AMya i had..

When the conductor came nearby me accidentally I touched his *** from inside my pocket. I never forget that huge *** in my life *** also I taken 35 munites I have his number whatever he will say but I will call again and again but now I'm in Bangalore next month I will go my native and let's me see he will give or not otherwise I will beg him for *** ..ever this my second experience in auto driver one is taverikeri one is my native really friends that's feeling never come back I seduced straight guys they are not given *** for gays because they are thinking they will feel same gayness ok thank you if interested please inbox me ok bye.

The conductor came for the ticket but it was so crowded that the passengers were struggling to give way for the conductor. While I was touching his *** I could see his serious *** face. Posted On Nov 10, 2017 - PM3nov I went my native that time is pm dropped bus in stop 3 auto guys came and asking I choose one auto because we discussed for charges so I fixed the amount so I sit in back side auto moving that time I'm asking details of him he is so handsome but village guy I asked him please stop the auto side I will go for do pee he dropped again I came back and sitted besides of him and I kept my hand his upper leg he don't said any thing so slowly I touched his *** but it's not erected but length is so nice my destination came so he angrily asking you told this place then why are you not saying to stop I told stop here because am so scary he said like that words I given amount then he slowly coming in front of me I given sign for without saying words showing in to hand to *** and my lips then he asking oh then you will *** my *** then I said yes so we went dark place he removed his pant then I proceed I started *** *** so small but erected that *** it's so big that's a huge *** I *** his *** 35 munites it's so wonderful time in my life that's taste is coming like beer I think I already drunked then finally he satisfied and I taken his number ...friends I didn't pick my number once he picked my call we will meet again now busy saying like that ....

next underwear i removed by the time his *** touching my stomach. Then i said to him this is my first experience i never done this. i cried not to insert my heart start to beat i begged to leave me i dont know what was happened to me.

asking my underwear start to touching my *** it is already rock on that time. he knows that it was rock and he hold that my rock completely asking what is this i never opended my *** i am in heaven his his hand was very hard and squeezing my balls nicely and start shaking my ***. After he is told me to remove his cheddy i removed his long chaddi. i am also *** his *** kissing all his parts i said i like your moustache he kissed me lot. his *** is fat and long i am holding in my hand i said yours is big. he tries to hold my *** and started to finger in my hole at the same time he is pushing his tounge inside of my ***. he tried to push his fatty *** to my hole it was not fit.

Posted On Oct 6, 2015 - PMi would specially like to go to such places where rikshawalas/ bus drivers/taxdrivers come.... Posted On Oct 14, 2015 - PMDid not happen with conductor, but in a bus. I was sitting with my hand holding thetop of the front seat. i pushed to away from me he is taking my *** inside of his ***. what you done for me something coming out you are *** all. he replied i will show wait he is pulling my hand told to *** i did that finally it was coming out.

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