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Whilst sex is a form of love, being intimate with someone goes beyond just the physical sense.True intimacy with someone is about creating an emotional connection that is enhanced when you are physically joined.Why not spice it up a little and go to different destinations to make love , or try and keep things spontaneous by trying new things and taking your time with each other.

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Mac’s leaning with his hands against the counter, head bent low, and Jack… Then he turns back to Mac and asks him something, quietly.

But when she turns to him, he’s already getting up, too, much quicker than Mac, and he looks… Riley and Bozer look at each other again and she opens her mouth to ask what’s going on, when they hear glass shatter inside. They find Mac and Jack in the kitchen, standing in the middle of a small puddle of tap water, among the shards of a broken glass. ” Bozer asks, anxious.“Not now,” Jack utters over his shoulder.

But more than that , you have to understand that intimacy isn’t a one way street.

One person feeling it and the other not even aware of it , doesn’t really paint a picture of a deep bond.

True intimacy is about a unity of two people body and soul, those moments where you know exactly what each other are thinking .

Or those times when words alone could not describe a special moment between you two.So let’s look at some ways to increase the intimacy in your relationship: Communication in a relationship isn’t just great for expelling expectations and reducing conflict .It’s also a wonderful way to express emotions and connect with your spouse.The 5 love languages is a basic fundamental of any relationship and is literally one of the building block of creating deep intimacy with someone.So do yourself a favour and take the time to really work out what yours and your partners love language is.It’s not to say you have to throw yourself onto a desert island and build a raft to get off!

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