Dating guestbooks

Most people think of online guestbooks as a fast and easy way to send a greeting, but there are other effective ways to utilize a free customizable guestbook for both business and personal reasons.

Home based business guestbooks provide a speedy way for your customers to report a problem, allow visitors to view positive customer feedback, and show potential customers the type and range of clientele that your business serves.

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Based on the above comment, I’m a tad surprised by her favorite part of their wedding. I honestly didn’t realize how much fun it would be to get married.” Well, now I see why! You absolutely want to keep scrolling for more of Tori and Matthew’s Biltmore wedding!

Big SW hugs to Natalie Watson for these sweet photos!

The guests can sign their initials with their thumbprint. Have guests sign a stone for you to place in a garden, with your plants, or in vases.

Message in a Bottle An adorable idea for seaside weddings!

Bucket List Have guests come up with a couple's bucket list!

Maybe they'll add something you never thought of doing, like attempting something new together, or traveling to a place you've never even heard about.

If you have some experience with web design and programming, you might choose to use one of the many free guestbook scripts that are available online.

They are infinitely customizable, making it a snap to match your guestbook's look and functionality to the rest of your website.

Thumb Prints With just an ink pad, you can have your guests sign with their thumbprints!

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