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A romantic New Year's proposal..."Harry cut her off "I am not ready to even consider."Ron came over "You know mum will never let her live with us next summer without a ring."Harry snapped "How many people do you plan to invite to live in My house? She should have some say in what he was going to do with his life. Arthur tried to calm things "You must have some plans."Charlie was the one who spoke "He is coming with me."Molly had heard about his new work "But surely you want to be close to Ginny."Molly tried to calm it down "It makes sense for you all. And training together."Harry spotted Charlie and finally just did it "I won't be living in London. And you boys were planning..."Harry had to remind himself he loved this woman "I have no plans to marry any one. He wasn't home enough to warrant opening one of the other houses.I am happy you decided to go into the academy."Harry looked to the twins for help and back "Ron is welcome to use my home but I won't be."Fred cut in "It looks like Ron is about to pop the question."Molly beamed "My third son. They were right here hoping with Remus the space from Ginny would help.

Ron seemed to think since Harry made Lucius look like a pauper he should give hand outs.

But Harry had no intention of ever living off of his fortune. She was sure Harry would propose to her this time next year.

He was like Harry in he inherited a number of them but never used them. It didn't really surprise Harry to know that Remus was being blamed.

He and Remus were unofficially dating for a few months.

Hermione was among the worse "Harry come on we only have weeks left."Harry pointed out "I have been training all day if you hadn't noticed."Ginny shook her head "I don't see why you don't go full pro.

You know you have the marks."Harry sighed "I only ever thought auror because of the war. Harry stood up "I think I have had enough of listening to you plan my life for me.

Harry was too nice for his own good when it came to his friends.

It was one thing if Harry offered him a place to live but not like this.

Harry was starting to see where Ron and Ginny got it from. Harry had a feeling she reminded Ron of where they were hoping to live. They would be travelling most of the month any ways. And we aren't about to reduce you to accepting a roof from Snape. They chose to go muggle as they didn't want to have to worry about any media on them. He was surprised to find a third red head "Hi boss."Charlie laughed "It's more like partners or so I hope. Both of us."He hadn't known what he would do after the war. If not for this job he would likely be back in Romania. She was mumbling a lot about marauders and bad influences."Charlie shrugged "Well your dad is the one who helped."Harry could remember her fights with Sirius.

Even if you will be working with Malfoys."Katie agreed "Besides we have plans for you tonight."Harry laughed "I think Severus would thank you too."Severus much to his own shock offered Harry his house for a month. If Ron and Hermione had problems they should be out not him. Hope you don't mind me coming."George laughed "He took our offer when you didn't."Harry felt bad "I made things that bad at home? She thought the man looked at him like James and not as a child.

She would not be a stay at home mum like hers but she wanted a few kids for sure.

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