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She prefers meeting for frozen yogurt because if she doesn’t like the guy, she isn’t trapped for hours like she would be at a three-course meal.

“Around here, the pickings are slim,” said Parsons, who works at a law firm.

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When Choi started her Meetup group in 2009, it was called “Odd Hours,” a nod to the thousands of locals who work evenings, nights and weekends on the Strip and miss many social outings.

The group quickly grew and now has nearly 3,000 members, including nurses, engineers and lawyers, who attend happy hours, club nights and other activities.

The city’s conveniences are a detriment to the dating scene, she said.

Because grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers and casinos exist in most neighborhoods, people never have to wander far to run errands or find entertainment, and thus have fewer serendipitous encounters with new people. “The convenience works both ways.” That’s why Jennifer Parsons, 30, turned to online dating several years ago.

She wanted to expand her dating pool beyond the people she met through friends and work.

Dating sites such as and Plenty Of Fish seemed like her best hope.

First and foremost: locals’ impossibly high standards. Such desires aren’t unique to Las Vegans, but Peña said people seem to be more honest about it here, perhaps because of the perceived accessibility to good-looking people. After all, the Strip runs on hospitality, so it’s many workers’ job to make people feel important.

Cocktail waitresses chat up middle-aged men sitting at slot machines, while VIP hosts in sharp suits sweet-talk women into clubs and lounges.

❤ ❤ ❤ This is a city of 2 million, filled with neighborhoods, schools and parks.

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