Dating in solomon islands

The 1870s were a time of illegal recruiting practices known as Blackbirding.

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Certain cultural features or Tambu House (Place of the first settlements) are still preserved which attest to the settlement patterns that were made.

From the 1870s to 1903 Malaitan men (and some women) comprised the largest number of Solomon Islander participants in the indentured labour trade to Queensland, Australia and to Fiji.

The most popular and well known of this islands is Laulasi which has had a thriving tourism industry dating back to the early 1970s; although tourism is largely underdeveloped.

The Langa Langa Lagoon provides opportunities for snorkeling, and the villagers provide shell making demonstrations.

Britain was provided with a "plausible excuse for protecting the Solomons" and so protecting their labour reserves.

By declaring a protectorate, the British were able to justify keeping out other colonial powers.He also contended that better confidence was established by carrying no weapons.On his second trip to Malaita, recruiting,he ran into Bina, which is near Langa Langa. "..still bore the tomahawk marks where the Malaitans at Langa Langa several months before broke in for the trove of rifles and ammunition locked therein, after bloodily slaughtering Jansen's predecessor, Captain Mackenzie.They came from Small Malaita, Florida (Ngella), some came from the northern part of Guadalcanal believed to be from Longuvalasi area and others from the northern region of Malaita.Through inter-marriages, their descendants spread to the whole of the Langalanga lagoon.Langa Langa Lagoon or Akwalaafu is a natural lagoon on the West coast of Malaita near the provincial capital Auki within the Solomon Islands.

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