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You will need a PC to play them or a lot have been ported to play on ipad and android.

I recommend starting with a company like winterwolves.

These games tend to be more linear in their overall narrative and the romance is generally not an "option" but just a part of the story that (like in a movie) typically happens somewhere towards the end of the 2nd act in a 3 act structured story.

Games like this would be Indigo Prophecy (aka Farenheit) and a lot of older games with FMV cinematics like Wing Commander or Phanasmagoria 2.

Games like Fable technically fall into this category but from my perspective making your mute protagonist impress a girl with armpit fart noises and then handing her a ring doesn't really count as a "romance option".-Byshop Yeah, Skyrim's not much better in this department.

This is sort of the balance between extermely open world games versus games with a tighter narrative.

I don't think there's anything nearly as good out there.

I'll say bioware games are unique in that regard because the romance is interwoven into the stories so it has ALOT more depth than the brief flares of romance in other videogames.

So a prospective buyer does not know what new games will actually have romance options.

The buyer could surf new game's website's forums and ask there but a vocal few seem horrified at the concept... I am loathed to spend dollars on a game only to find it to be like Bethesda's Fallout 3, or worse, Skyrim.

If you really want to go for something were romance is the main part of the plot (Bioware being the one exception) you really have to step into the weird and wonderful of indi.

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