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Some styles of china cabinets also have a drawer which is the perfect place to store pictures, documents and other small valuables.

The following are several examples of unique china cabinets.

Country French Stripped Cabinet – Confiturier in solid oak to last for generations, features two drawers with original forged steel pulls and geometric and pyramidal panels on the pair of cabinet doors below, also fitted with their original steel key guards.

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Intricately carved and meticulously hand-painted in lovely pastel and jewel tones, it features subtle serpentine sides and an even more subtle bowfront facade lavished with Baroque magnificence! Imagine the look on your guests' faces when you open up the bin on this wonderful 19th Century Coal Bin which otherwise just looks like an end table!

Used to store coal conveniently next to a coal burning fireplace, and do so with visual appeal, it has been hand-crafted from quarter sawn oak and hand-forged iron to last for centuries! Hand-crafted from solid mahogany-this Second Empire Period Demi-Commode features a drawer with tambour door on the cabinet below. Circa 1870s Measures 33H x 33W x 17.5DThis handsome Vintage Rustic Country French Cabinet ~ Homme Debout was hand-crafted from solid oak to last for generations, and features chamfered panels and an enormous amount of provincial charm! Circa 1950s Measures 74.5H x 46.5W x 20D19th Century Gothic Linenfold Cabinet ~ Bookcase would make a great choice as a credenza, sofa table, hall cabinet, or a piece for any space that requires a minimum of intrusion on the traffic pattern of the room!

Hand-crafted from solid old-growth red oak to last for centuries!

Measures 36H x 60W x 15DCirca 1870s This handsome 19th Century Rustic Gothic Cabinet features very tailored lines that are embellished solely by the hand-forged iron strap hinges and keyguard. Circa 1880s Measures 35.5H x 30W x 20DInlaid to depict heroic efforts which appear to possibly two of the twelve labors of Heracles from ancient Greek Mythology (renamed Hercules by the Romans), this impressive 18th Century Italian Walnut Inlaid Collectors Buffet hails from Milan.

From the beautiful classic lines of the Hepplewhite style complete with gorgeous inlays to the stunning look of Victorian tiger oak with curved glass sides, antique china cabinets are as diverse as the things they display.

Through the years the china cabinet evolved from simple early open cupboard side tables.

However, the cabinet was commissioned in the earlier years as Queen Mary died in 1694.

The special cabinet was built to store and display pieces of Queen Mary II's vast collection of blue and white porcelain pieces.

The cupboards generally had two or three shelves that held the families' dinnerware.

The first china cabinet was crafted by Dutch cabinet makers brought to England by King William III and Queen Mary II during their reign which began in 1689 and ended in 1702.

The master artisans there were able to blend a wide variety of indigenous and exotic burl woods to create color...

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